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Welcome to LSUA and Congratulations!

7-week classes go very fast and we want to ensure that you are ready for success on the first day of class for each term. 
The current academic calendars are available on the Registrar's web site. Look in the left column and scroll to the Current Academic Calendars.  The "Seven Week:2nd/3rd Session Calendar" is the calendar for the 100% online accelerated programs.

The Registration deadline for all 7 week classes is 1 week prior to the first day of class.  This allows you to get textbooks ordered and be ready for a successful term.  The Payment deadline for all 7 week classes is the Wednesday before classes start.

The following steps are key to your success!  Now that you are admitted, you will need to do the following to get started at LSUA.

Get Your Username

 Get your LSUA username by:

  1. Going to
  2. Click First Time Account Setup and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Once you set your password, return to the login page and log in.

 The MyLSUA Portal gives you access to all of the following: (some systems require additional login, you have the same username and password for all systems)

Request a degree plan

Complete the short form here to request a degree plan.  This will provide

  • a record of how transfer courses count toward your degree,
  • identify any courses that need a course substitution request
  • will prevent you from taking courses that you already have taken

You can request a plan for

  • only the next term,
  • the next full year, or
  •  through graduation.
You can also identify course preferences for concentrations, electives, etc.


Complete Online Student Orientation

Once you have your username, complete the Online Student Orientation in Moodle. You can self-enroll for this free orientation by going to Once you complete the modules and earn at least 80%, you will receive a badge on your profile page in Moodle.

Connect with an advisor

  • Contact your faculty advisor:  Log into MyLSUA (see info above for getting account set up)
    • Your advisor is listed on the MyLSUA page.  You can email them requesting an appointment for advising.
  •  All 7-week terms end in a number
    • 2 (first part of semester) or
    • 3 (last part of semester)

Register for Classes

Registration is currently open for SUMMER2, SUMMER3, FALL2 and FALL3 terms.

Summer and fall registration typically opens in March, Spring registration typically opens in October.

See the Self-Service instruction file for making a schedule.

The Registration deadline for all 7 week classes is 1 week prior to the first day of class.  This allows you to get textbooks ordered and be ready for a successful term.

Pay for Classes

Students in 100% online programs use a different process to pay for classes.  Please DO NOT click the “Pay for Classes” Link in MyLSUA.  Instead:

  1. Log into Self-Service
  2. Click the Finances Tab
  3. Click the Balance Menu (directly under the home tab)
  4. Change the period to the correct Term (FALL2, FALL3, SPRING2, SPRING3, etc)
  5. Click the Change button to see current balance
  6. Expand the “Make a Payment option in the left column
  7. Change the drop-down for “Apply Payment To” to match the term
  8. Enter the amount you wish to pay at this time. You can return and make another payment later as long as classes are paid for in advance.
  9. NOTE: PAYMENT DEADLINE - All 7 week classes must be paid in full prior to the WEDNESDAY before classes start in any term.

Purchase Textbooks

You will be given an option to purchase textbooks immediately after you regsiter or there are 2 ways to purchase textbooks at a later time:

Through My.LSUA
  1. Log in to
  2. Click the Student Menu at the top right
  3. Click Purchase Textbooks
  4. Choose the Term (i.e. Fall, Fall2 or Fall3)
  5. Click Submit
Directly through the bookstore link
  1. Go to 
  2. Click the link to Textbooks at the top left.
  3. Use the drop down menus to select term, Students declared in 100% online accelerated programs should choose Fall2 to purchase those books then choose Fall3 to see those requirements.  Students in on campus programs but taking a 7 week class should choose Fall.
  4. Click Find Materials for Course(s)

The information will display

  • Exactly what is required and what is optional (some courses require access codes)
  • Multiple options to rent, purchase, get paper or digital – whatever options the publisher has.
  • Students can use financial aid to purchase textbooks if it is processed (viewable in NetPartner from the MyLSUA page.

If you choose to search other sites to get text materials, the ISBN number The student is responsible for having the correct edition of the textbook by the first day of class – faculty expect students to have books on the first class day.