Quality Matters: Applying the Rubric

Quality Matters (QM) is a leader in quality assurance for online education and has received national recognition for its peer-based approach to continuous improvement in online education and student learning.  The "Applying the Rubric" course is the initial course that focuses on key components of quality online courses with an emphasis on alignment.

Certified Faculty

Academic Success

*Note: The Academic Success unit is a new department created as part of the QEP to implement the LSUA Experience class for first year students.  Faculty from other departments will be teaching this class.
Allied Health
  • Mrs. Sheryl Herring*
  • Dr. Haywood Joine*
  • Mrs. Sona Kumar*
  • Mrs. Tess Myers*
  • Mrs. Cathy Robinson*
  • Ms. Melissa Whitley*
Arts, English, & Humanities
  • Dr. Alice Blackwell
  • Ms. CharySy Copeland
  • Dr. Mary Jane Brown
  • Dr. Brenda Ellington
  • Dr. Owen Elmor*
  • Dr. Bernard Gallagher*
  • Dr. Ginger Jones*
  • Mrs. Melissa Laborde*
  • Mr. Shonu Nangia*
  • Ms. Jessica Scott
  • Mr. Jeremy Simmon*
  • Ms. Kathy Wimmert
  • Dr. Holly Wilson
  • Dr. Min Wu*
Behavioral & Social Sciences
  • Dr. Richard Elder
  • Mr. Michael Mumaugh
  • Dr. Jim Rogers
  • Dr. Cynthia Thomas *
  • Mr. Robert Tillie *
  • Mrs. Beth Whittington
  • Mr. Michael Wright*
Biological Sciences
  • Mr. David Carso*
  • Ms. Emily Donnelly
  • Dr. Nathan Sammons*
Business Administration
  • Dr. Robert (Bob) Jones*
  • Mr. Kent Lachney *
  • Dr. Long Li*
  • Mrs. Madeline Byr*
  • Dr. Julie Gill*
  • Dr. Melissa Parks
Math & Physical Sciences
  • Mrs. Anne Chevalier
  • Dr. Gerard Dumancas
  • Mrs. Renu Gupta*
  • Mrs. Tanya Lueder
  • Dr. Elizabeth Battalora
  • Dr. Catherine Cormier*
  • Ms. Catherine Doyle
  • Ms. Sandra Duck*
  • Mrs. Kim Herrington*
  • Ms. Sarita James*
  • Ms. Katherine Roy*
  • Mrs. Debra Smith*
  • Mrs. Mary Kay Sunderhaus*
Professional Staff
  • Ms Teresa Seymour
  • Ms. Heather Williams
  • Ms. Kathryn Wimmert*
* Certified under the prior Edition of the Rubric