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Online Library Resources

Library research is critical to student success.  LSUA provides online access to thousands of journals, articles and books.  The library page is a great place to get lots of information. To use the online databases from off campus you will need your student id number and your birth year.

How to Access Library Resources from Off-Campus (Click Link)

You also might find the following tutorials and videos helpful.

Find your Student ID Number

Your Student ID Number is NOT your social security number.  Due to the different systems on campus, your student id number may also be called:

  • OaKard ID
  • System ID
  • PC ID
  • PowerCampus number

To find your student ID number you can either look on the front of your LSUA student ID card or
Log into Self-Service (from the MyLSUA page), scroll to the bottom and continue into Self-Service

  1. Click the My Profile Tab
  2. Click the Account Information menu
  3. Make note of the System ID (nine digit number with leading zeros - you will not enter Dashes in the online database system)
  4. Note: You will not enter the dashes when accessing the online databases