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Student Policies

ID Verification/Academic Integrity

Students participating in LSU Alexandria classes are expected to exhibit academic honesty and complete only their own work.  Students may be asked to provide proof of identity.  At the time of admission, students are provided with a unique username and allowed to set a password.  This combination of information is to be kept confidential to the student.  Sharing passwords, logging in as a different student or submitting work on a student’s behalf is strictly forbidden.

When taking proctored exams on campus or online (through Proctor U), you must present one of the following:
  1. Your LSUA School ID, OR
  2. Your current Driver’s license (not expired), OR
  3. Your Passport (not expired)
Students submitting assignments, taking exams, or completing projects are expected to be the same individual signed up for the course.  You may not get assistance with homework, papers, exams, or other academic work unless permission is specifically granted by your instructor for group projects.  Plagiarism (presenting other people’s ideas or work as if they are your own) is considered academic dishonesty and will be handled through the student conduct policy.

Student Specific Policies

LSU of Alexandria has a set of policies that provide direction to students, faculty and staff.  The following policies are of particular importance to students:

  • PS 206 – Student Class Attendance Policy
  • PS 207 – Student Grievance Procedure
  • PS 217 – Privacy Rights of Students (Buckley Amendment)
  • PS 218 – Grades and Grading
  • PS 228 – Code of Student Conduct
  • PS 242 – Policy for Students with Disabilities
  • PS 250 – Network and Email Password Policy
Please visit the Full Policy Library for a complete list of current policies at LSU of Alexandria.

Student Handbook

LSUA Student Handbook